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Brand Domination

We strategically tackle over 150 creative works and 5 technical deliverables relating to your online reputation presence. With the Reputation Gatekeeper campaign, you have our 100% guarantee that the renovation and domination of your brand is in the most competent hands. Not only are we experts in our field, we genuinely care about the online presence of every single one of our clients.

  • Our professional teams cover all aspects of restoring and building your online brand reputation.
  • Our creative design teams represent you with high-quality design, digital and writing materials.
  • Our skilled technical teams enhance your online image.

5 Technical Deliverables

  • Technical Webbing: Company works in concert with the Client’s existing positive links webbing together with new high ranking publications, five star review site, profile sites and social sites.
  • Special SEO Services: Company undertakes to suppress any potential negative attacks and hate links through its proprietary technical supports.
  • Special Search Services: Company undertakes to create auto-complete relevance.
  • Content Wave: Company undertakes to drive all creative works to a dominant search position under our Client’s brand.
  • Optimization: On a biweekly basis Company links all 150 creative works back to client’s corporate website.

150 Creative Works

The combination of services identified below will be determined on a client-by-client basis.

  • High Ranking Publications: Publish creative pieces for the Client on high ranking sites, outperforming competitors, negative review sites and “hate” sites.
  • Five Star Review Site: Company undertakes to import all existing online positive reviews to one dominant review site.
  • Profile Sites: Company publishes client details on profile sites driving traffic back to client’s web site.
  • Social Sites: Company will utilize social media sites where the client is currently not listed.

Enhance Online Stickiness

Your branding must be universally presented across all platforms. Otherwise, the majority of your advertising dollars are wasted. Without consistent listings, the top results on a search engine may include your site, but will also include competitors’ sites and even hate sites. When this happens, potential clients may take their business elsewhere by simply clicking on a competitor’s site.
According to Search Engine Journal, 75% of users never scroll past the first page of search results, and over 97% never scroll past the second. Furthermore, according to the Content Marketing Institute, 70% of people would rather learn about a company via an online article than an advertisement. With our proprietary technical deliverables and creative works we will dominate the top 2 pages of search results under your Brand. This will increase your online stickiness, allowing you to control what 98% of consumers are seeing.

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